350/365 – Memories

I have known that I wanted my picture on Christmas day to be of my baby ornament for weeks. So here you go, my “baby’s first Christmas” ornament.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have had as wonderful of a day as I have!

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340/365 – Bokeh Galore!

**Wednesday, December 15

Yesterday was the most perfect day ever. I woke up, made pancake batter and went over to surprise Elliot because it was his birthday. His parents stopped over to eat with us too. We then headed to Maker’s Mark Distillery, to continue on the tradition we started on his birthday last year at Four Roses. It was so beautiful out there, but unfortunately my camera battery died after just a few minutes of the tour. After the tour we headed to have a delicious dinner at Belle Notte, which is where this picture is from. They have a huge (fake) tree right in the middle, with these beautiful lights on it. It was wonderful. After dinner we went to Elliot’s boss’s house, where we sang happy birthday to Elliot as he blew out the candles, ate cake, played Wii with their two-year old daughter, and sat in the hot tub drinking bourbon while it snowed. It was an absolutely perfect end to a perfect day.

And here is one of the few shots I was able to get at the distillery.

336/365 – O Christmas Tree

**Saturday, December 11

Elliot’s boss and his wife hosted a Christmas party for all the employees there, and man did they have a beautifully decorated tree. It was gorgeous, with red and silver ornaments and ribbons curling from the top to the bottom. I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted my 365 to be of it.

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325/365 –

Well the nasty weather followed me to Kentucky. It was raining and windy all day today, which made walking to my car after night class not so fun. But I was walking past this tree, and there is a super bright light that is always pointing at the building, and I noticed how cool the tree looked with the rain and light.

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It’s the small things.

This picture was taken while I was back home in MN for my surgery, but I needed to upload something to let you all know where I have been (in terms of my lack of posting).

Earlier this summer I had downloaded the trial version of CS5, because my old version didn’t support the RAW files of my new camera. Well my trial version ran out, and I was in the middle of trying to wrap up my project for my summer independent study, and so I screwed around and somehow managed to get another trial version. Well, that trial version ran out on Saturday. I am currently trying to figure out how to pay for a full version, or figure out something else. Since I shoot everything in RAW, I can’t exactly do anything with all of the pictures I have taken the past few days. I am hoping that by tonight I will have CS5 again, and therefore start getting caught up on everything. I shot my first wedding on Saturday, and so I will be getting some of those pictures up, and then my usual 365 shots.

Falling this behind and not being able to edit pictures is driving me completely insane.

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218/365 – Summer Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of my favorite things about summer. I could eat it almost (if not every) every night. I was outside on my parent’s patio shucking the corn, and looked up into the big locust tree and immediately knew I wanted a picture of the corn with that as the background.

I also took a different approach to editing this. I read somewhere today that you should never edit the same way twice. Which is sort of what I do, constantly. I have my saved presets in curves and things like that, and obviously I tweak for each specific photograph, but I haven’t really tried anything new lately. So, I took a few new approaches to this one, and absolutely love it. Enjoy!

Oh, and, I really wish corn started with an “s” so that I could have had triple alliteration.

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164/365 – Storm

I was too tired last night to get this one posted as well, but here it is.

It stormed pretty bad yesterday afternoon. My parents and I were out driving around campus and the wind picked up a ton and then it started pouring. We sat in the car in the driveway for a while because we didn’t want to get soaking wet while running to the house. A tree had blown down into the street right in front of my house, and so I decided I needed to get some pictures. I ran inside, grabbed my camera and wrapped it in plastic wrap, and then ran back outside. I had a really tough time deciding on a picture, I liked a lot. And I had a difficult time deciding on an edit, but I do like what I ended up with.

I am selling my stuff on Redbubble if you are interested in buying (http://www.redbubble.com/people/aithom2/art). Or feel free to just contact me and we can figure something out, I am trying to raise some money for a new camera at the moment.

104/365 – New Glow

Today is a day of a bunch of random thoughts. So, prepare yourself if you choose to read on.

I wish leaves could stay this bright green color year round. I love it more than I can explain.

I love when I take a ton of pictures for the day, and when going through to select one to edit, one just immediately jumps out at me and I get super excited about it.

Earlier today I was thinking about my photographs, and I started getting really frustrated. I was sick of taking pictures of normal, every day things. I wanted something exciting and beautiful and extraordinary. I was feeling totally uninspired and almost didn’t want to take a picture today. But then on the drive home from school the clouds were stunning, and i walked out in my front yard, and looked up, and saw this. And I was completely satisfied with taking pictures of “mundane” things, because, maybe it’s just me, but this isn’t so mundane. I think it is pretty darn incredible and beautiful. It is incredible how God (yes, I give all credit to him) gives me inspiration when I need it the most.

Sorry about the long “rant” of sorts, it needed to come out.

Oh, and this is late because my school was playing Avatar for free in the student center. I couldn’t pass that up.