127/365 – Cupcake

Yesterday was insanely busy so I didn’t get a chance to post. I had a grill out at my house for my birthday and spent the entire day getting things ready for it. It was such a fun little gathering! These were from last night, but only one got eaten, so I now have cupcakes for the week. Elliot got me a Gorillapod for my birthday, so I played around with that for this picture.

I also used a method called focus stacking on this image. This involves taking several pictures with very slightly different focus points, and then combining them to get a larger depth of field. It allows me to keep the background out of focus but bring my entire subject into focus. Such a great little trick!

116/365 – Bokeh!

I used the reverse lens trick today. The pictures turned out pretty well, I am pretty excited about it. I will most likely post more later.

For those of you who don’t know, the reverse lens trick is when you take the lens off of the camera, open the aperture all the way up, and then hold it backwards to the camera. The depth of field becomes insanely shallow. Focusing become difficult, since you have to move closer/further away from the subject to focus, and even breathing messes it up. But, it allows for some macro type shots without a macro lens, which is awesome.