195/366 by aithom2
195/366, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

When it came time to shoot today’s picture I wanted something that would represent my day. Most days I don’t really care if my image sums up my day, but today I did. There were two main things I was trying to represent, but couldn’t figure out how to get both things across in one picture, or how to create an interesting picture of just one of them. I shot them separately, and wasn’t in love with them so I decided to combine them and ended up liking the result.

So, today is a pretty personal image, more for me than anything else.

35/366 – Frost Snow

I spent the night at my sister’s house in Minneapolis last night, and when we woke up to go get breakfast we discovered it had snowed just a tiny bit over night. It was such a frost like snow and was really beautiful. Plus this winter has been such a lame winter that any bit of snow is exciting to me.

I wish I could start every morning with fresh snow.

213/365 – Giants

Well not the most exciting of shots, but my knee has been hurting today, and the drugs are really wearing me down, so this was all I had the energy to do for the most part. My mom and I went to target, and she had told me about these huge mushrooms she saw on her run, so we drove by after target so I could get some pictures.

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