93/366 – Hidden

Sunday, April 8
After church on Sunday we had some time to kill before heading to lunch with his family. We ended up wandering around the UK arboretum for a bit since it was so nice out.

Oh, and my scanner did something weird to this one so I will probably re-scan it. I just wanted to get it uploaded.


27/365 – Arboretum Relaxing

My house is currently on the market (anyone need a lovely home in Lexington??), and there was a showing tonight so I had to get out of the house for an hour or so. It gave me a great excuse to go sit in the arboretum and just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. I have been sitting in front of a computer editing for days straight now, so it was nice to have a break.

The shot at hand is actually about ten pictures merged together. It is done using the Brenizer Method, which I have come to absolutely love. For those of you who don’t know, this method is done kind of like how you would create a panorama. You take multiple pictures of a scene, moving the camera across the area you want to capture (like rectangular puzzle pieces). These pictures are then merged together using Photoshop or various other programs to create one image. With the Brenizer Method it is possible to get a wide-angle look while still having an extremely shallow depth of field (which is exactly what I love). If anyone would like to know more about it I would be more than happy to go into more detail, so feel free to ask!

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51/52 – Bleed

I have had this shot in mind for quite a few weeks, and finally got around to it this weekend. It isn’t quite as relevant as it was when I thought of it, but still is packed with meaning for me.

This may have been the longest it has ever taken to set up one of my pictures too. I had scoped out the location a couple of weeks ago, so I didn’t waste time trying to find one. But, once we got on location, I had to find the right angle for the camera, and then the right angle for me to lay down. Once I figured that out, I laid down amidst countless spiders and other creepy crawlies, and my friend attached red yarn to me and the trees around me. It was weird for me to not be the one physically setting up the shot, and I just had to lay there and direct him since I was attached to branches all around. It rained fairly hard twice while I was laying there, and I flicked off quite a few spiders throughout the process.

Overall it was quite the shoot. I wish that the yarn was more visible and obvious, and pulled tighter to prevent the slack, but it is just yet another lesson learned.

195/365 – Strange Growth

I was at the arboretum tonight, taking pictures for my studio project. This plant was growing next to the path I was taking pictures on, and it was so strange to me. I had never really seen anything like it, but maybe that is because I am from “the frozen tundra” of Minnesota, where according to many nothing grows.

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UK Arboretum

I am really not a fan of the UK Arboretum. It is severely lacking in so many things. There is one good garden and that is pretty much it. But, it is close, and when I have no other ideas for pictures it is a nice fallback most of the time. Here are some of the other ones from yesterday that I liked.

Here was the full set up, just for fun. Mitch (who I went with) made himself right at home.

And then Mitch had a mini photo shoot, which you can see on my Facebook page under portraits (become a fan!).

And as long as I was in a garden I figured I should probably get some pictures of flowers, which even though that is all I used to photography, I haven’t done in a while, so please excuse the poorly composed and uninteresting pictures.

188/365 – Tea Time

I went for a little walk at the Uk Arboretum yesterday, and there on the side of the path was a table overgrown with plants, and a tea set on it. I then realized it was an Alice in Wonderland set up, complete with a clock and cat in the tree. I just really loved how the various dishes looked in the green. I may upload a picture of the set up as well just for fun.