20/366 – The Shack

I went for a walk with my brother today in search of something for my 366, and stumbled on this shack pretty quick. This is a stitch of 10 (I think) images, which is partly why I am so late in uploading it. My laptop is certainly not the most powerful of machines, so stitches take a bit of time.

On top of finding this cool little place, I found quite a few other locations for some self-portraits, and thought of a few more ideas for some as well. Now if we could just get some bearable temperatures.

7/365 – Winery

A local winery hosted a jazz festival today, and one of my friends was playing, so a group of us went out for the day to enjoy some good music, the beautiful weather, and some good wine. We ended up going for a short walk around the vineyard as well. Overall, an absolutely fantastic day.