Darren + Mary

A few weeks ago I drove from Kansas to Lexington, Kentucky to shoot the beautiful wedding of Darren and Mary. When I was in Lexington going to school for my undergrad I worked with Darren, and I was so excited when they asked me to be a part of their big day. The wedding took place on a beautiful summer afternoon, and was probably the most laid back wedding I have shot yet. It was so very obvious that these two are completely in love with each other and it was such a joy to be there to capture it. So, without further ado, meet Mr. and Mrs. Henderson!




195web shoes

227 rings 96

402 bridegroom


Congratulations once again to Darren and Mary!

199/366 – Crafting

199/366 - Crafting by aithom2
199/366 – Crafting, a photo by aithom2 on Flickr.

*Monday, July 23
Yesterday was insanely busy. After running a bunch of errands I went to my sister’s house to make potential wedding invite designs. I didn’t get home until late and was feeling way too lazy and tired to post.

150/366 – Alyssa + Dan

Today my wonderful cousin got married to an equally wonderful man. And I had the privilege of shooting the wedding. It was such a beautiful day, and it is so obvious just from looking at them that these two absolutely adore each other. I haven’t gone through all of the pictures yet, but while browsing through them all very quickly this one stood out to me.


113/366 – rainy days

April 28

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my bridesmaid, and we stopped by the ceremony site for my wedding. I wasn’t excited about planning this wedding until I found this location, and now I cannot wait for everything to come together.

Ben + Molly

This post is long overdue, but things kept coming up that prevented me from being able to edit all of the pictures. It was torture because I was so excited about them! But I finally had a chance the past two days to sit down and get through it all, so without further ado, meet the wonderful Ben and Molly!

Ben has been a good friend of mine since high school, and so I was incredibly excited when he asked me to shoot his wedding. It was such a perfect day for their wedding; we had wonderful weather, and I don’t think things could have gone more smoothly.

We started off the day with just the girls at Molly’s apartment. The atmosphere that morning was so incredibly laid-back and relaxed, it was such a good start to the day.

Could her eyes be any more stunning!

Her dress was gorgeous as well. It was so simple and elegant.

Her shoes were also absolutely amazing. If you haven’t heard of Toms before they are definitely worth checking out. Basically for every pair of shoes that is purchased they donate a pair to someone in need. The fact that she had these shoes on her wedding day shows a quick glimpse to where Molly’s heart is; I just love it.

You can order shoes that are just a plain canvas so that they can be painted any way you want. Molly had one of her good friends paint her shoes just for the wedding day, which I thought was such a sweet idea!

Molly’s bouquet had her grandfather’s rosary wrapped around it, I loved that little touch.

The wedding (and most of our pictures that day) was at the chapel of St. Thomas University, the school that Molly and Ben attended. It is such a beautiful campus, and we didn’t have to go far from the chapel for some really beautiful colors and light.

The inside of the chapel was just as beautiful as the outside, and there was a perfect balcony for me to get some shots of the entire scene.

This bridal party included some of the funniest people I have ever known. They always kept me on my toes and kept me laughing. I loved these shots of the bride and groom with their siblings. We of course had some more formal ones, but these ones just give a window into how they interact constantly.

After getting some group shots right on campus we headed to a little park that overlooked part of the city and took some more pictures there.

And now for some of my favorite pictures of the day. The reception was held at a beautiful country club, so Molly, Ben and I wandered on the golf course for a little bit before the reception started. I absolutely loved working with these two. You could tell immediately how much they adore each other. I don’t think any of us stopped smiling the entire time.

The reception was beautiful. Fresh flowers from the farmers market that morning were on every table, as well as beautiful jars of various candies.

I loved the idea the couple had that replaced the traditional clanging on glasses to get the newlyweds to kiss. If guests wanted a kiss, they had to go put a donation in a jar that was in front of the bride and groom. The donations were going to a charity that was through the school that both Molly and Ben will be at this fall. It was just another example of how incredibly giving and kind-hearted these two are.

It was so very clear that people were having a blast at the reception. The dance floor was absolutely packed for most of the night. There was even still a large crowd dancing when I left after midnight.

So once again, congratulations to you Ben and Molly!

61/365 – Ben & Molly

I shot my first solo wedding today! My good friend, Ben, got married today, to an absolutely amazing woman I might add. I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot the wedding for them, and had such a wonderful day with them.

I didn’t know for sure if I would feel up to getting this posted after such an exhausting day, but I decided I didn’t want to be an extra day behind since I will be unable to post for a week now (because of a camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, for those of you who didn’t see yesterday’s post). I didn’t even go through all of the pictures to decide on one, just some of the ones of just the lovely couple alone, and absolutely loved this one. I just did a super quick edit so I would have something to share for tonight.

Now I am off to get a couple of hours of sleep since we are off early in the morning to start our trip. I will be back in a week to share some (hopefully) amazing pictures!

Trey and Deeanna

I had the privilege of shooting Jay and Deeanna’s wedding a few weeks ago. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, and everything went so smoothly it was just wonderful! Congratulations you two!

We started off the day at Deeanna’s house with hair and makeup for her. The natural light in there was a dream, and with Ana Crane-Simpson doing the hair and makeup it was such a great start to the day.

After finishing up Deeanna’s hair and makeup we had a slight break before group shots at the hotel, so I managed to get some detail shots of her beautiful dress, jewelry, and shoes.

This was such a cute little memory from the day for me, a text from Trey while getting ready. It is a little hard to see here, but it says “still wanna do this? :)” Such a perfect example of how fun these two are.

Then it was time for the guys to get their pictures taken. My partner for the day, Susannah, shot most of them while I was with Deeanna while she got dressed.

And then came the girls. It was a bit tricky because Trey and Deeanna didn’t want to do an early reveal, so it took some coordinating to make sure they didn’t accidentally run into each other.

After wrapping things up at the hotel we headed to the beautiful Estes Chapel to get ready for the ceremony and do some pictures there.

Trey’s gift to Deeanna was so beautiful, and the card that was with it was so touching.

Because the chapel was so beautiful and so full of natural light we stayed inside to get some quick group shots.

We then headed across the street to get some pictures with the beautiful greens all around. The light couldn’t have been more perfect there.

Trey was waiting in the background, and for the first couple of shots I didn’t notice that he was in the frame. But it ended up being a fun little addition to the image in my opinion.