315/365 – Making Wishes

**Saturday, November 20

Yesterday I was working on my printmaking project, which involved using paint markers on tracing paper. I was bored, and procrastinating other work, so I drew a star, and immediately got an idea for a picture. Originally, I was going to hang these in a different way, and I was going to do it outside. But, I had this wire out from teaching on Monday, and I got the idea to hang them using curled wire. It took me so long to finish it all that I didn’t have enough daylight to take the outside, or figure out where I could hang them. So, I decided to just try using the light over my kitchen table. This is by far the most effort I have put into a picture for a long, long time. And for the most part I am pretty happy with how it came out. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, and I may at some point try my original idea, but for now, here are the stars.

Oh, and Whitney and I decided it looked kind of cool so it is going to be left on the light for now, haha.

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217/365 – Metal Sculpture

This afternoon my family and I went to the Franconia Sculpture Garden for just a quick little outing. It is such an incredibly cool place, I must say. There are paths going everywhere, with all sorts of sculptures, ranging from massive to more reasonable sizes. They have work by artists from all over the world; from Taiwan to Ireland to many different states here in the US. They also have the coolest amphitheater I have ever seen. It is a huge area with these mounds of grass with big rock slabs jutting out of them for benches. This place also has lots of events going on; concerts every other week during the summer, iron pours, workshops with kids. It is such an impressive and cool place to visit.

I will be uploading a few others from the day later on, but I am exhausted from walking around all day, and my knee is hating me and swelling up to show it, so I need to get some sleep.

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