213/365 – Giants

Well not the most exciting of shots, but my knee has been hurting today, and the drugs are really wearing me down, so this was all I had the energy to do for the most part. My mom and I went to target, and she had told me about these huge mushrooms she saw on her run, so we drove by after target so I could get some pictures.

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103/365 – Mixed Media

So, I have to confess. This is from yesterday. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained right now and was stretching myself to even upload a picture today let alone take one. Plus I was working on this project every spare second I had since crit was tonight. SOOC except for a conversion from raw.

102/365 – Rubble

I walk through the same parking lot daily, and every day I have noticed the broken patches and thought how cool it could look. Today I finally decided to take the time and take a few. Not the most exciting or eye-catching photo, but I still kind of like it. Maybe because this is kind of how I am feeling at the moment. Or at least I am about to be feeling completely crushed like this.