152/366 – Baby Birds

I love when an image for my 366 just presents itself to me and I don’t even have to think about it. I had other plans for todays photograph, but then my mom told me about these birds.

The guys re-siding our house today knocked these little guys out of their nest, but they built a new one for them on the ground with grass clippings. The parents were still coming back to feed them and watch over them, even when we were standing near by.

61/365 – Ben & Molly

I shot my first solo wedding today! My good friend, Ben, got married today, to an absolutely amazing woman I might add. I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot the wedding for them, and had such a wonderful day with them.

I didn’t know for sure if I would feel up to getting this posted after such an exhausting day, but I decided I didn’t want to be an extra day behind since I will be unable to post for a week now (because of a camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, for those of you who didn’t see yesterday’s post). I didn’t even go through all of the pictures to decide on one, just some of the ones of just the lovely couple alone, and absolutely loved this one. I just did a super quick edit so I would have something to share for tonight.

Now I am off to get a couple of hours of sleep since we are off early in the morning to start our trip. I will be back in a week to share some (hopefully) amazing pictures!