155/365 – Summer Is Coming

Yesterday was such an incredible day. My friend Manuel texted me around 5 and suggested we go drive and take pictures. I would normally love to do that anyways, but I had rented an absolutely incredible lens for the weekend and hadn’t used it yet so I thought this would be a perfect chance to play with it. So I drove to his house, and we played Rock Band for a little, and then hopped in the car and started driving through the country. We eventually found a spot that didn’t have a fence, and man, it was the perfect spot. There was a creek, and a barn, and a big wheat field that we walked into and just laid down and talked. It was so wonderful. More pictures to come, including some self portraits.

Straight out of the camera (SOOC) except for conversion to JPG. In fact, all of the pictures from this shoot will be SOOC.

The title is from the song “Summer Is Coming” by Matt Pond PA, which was a song Manuel introduced me to forever ago.

I decided this weekend I wanted to live my life and not worry about uploading on time. I took all of the pictures on the right days, I just didn’t get around to uploading them.

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