241/366 – Dramatic Raspberries

I had an extra long day of classes, and the sun was pretty much down by the time I finished dinner. I wanted to shoot my raspberries before I ate them, but had to get creative with lighting since it was dark.

5 thoughts on “241/366 – Dramatic Raspberries

      • It looks like natural lighting at first glance. This is a very good picture. There is this photo contest on another blog that I enjoy, where people enter their work for a chance to win. I don’t know WHAT you win. But it’s just a nice passive experience. I’ll find it if you are interested. I don’t want to just post links on your blog without permission.

      • Thank you very much! And I appreciate you asking, and thinking of that for me. I would be very interested; feel free to either email me the link or just post it here. Thanks again!

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