50/365 – Post

I have been slaving away in studio all day (and will be going back in a bit, for the rest of the night) and didn’t have a chance or will power to take a picture so this is from a few days ago. I am just beyond exhausted and not even near half way done on my projects, so tomorrow will probably be an old shot too. It makes me sad, I really wanted my 50th shot to be a really good one. But, my first cheat of the project, so that is pretty good right?

49/365 – Spinning Lemon

I went to lunch today with my boyfriend before he left for NC. The restaurant has these HUGE bread sticks that they bring out in these trays filled with butter and garlic. I had dropped my lemon from my drink in the tray and was about to take a picture of it when he started spinning the tray. I thought it looked pretty cool at the time. But, now looking at it, I pretty much hate the composition. Oh well I suppose, no time for another one since I have to go back into studio for the rest of the night (yes on a Friday…).

48/365 – Tread

The weather here is just insane. We had 60 degrees on Sunday, and now it is 20 degrees and we got 2-3 inches of snow over night. I’m not complaining too much because public schools were cancelled so I was able to sleep a little longer and have the day off, and I love the snow. I couldn’t decide which one liked better, so I thought I would post both. I am leaning towards the top one at the moment (it is my “official” 365 for today).

47/365- Mixing Brown

Sorry this is a day late, I didn’t have my computer with me all day and didn’t get home until very very late and was exhausted. My friend Susannah was about to mix the brown that we needed for our sepia tone value painting in class, and she got all the colors on the palette knife and said “Quick! Look, wouldn’t this make a great picture?” So I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a few for my 365. Thank goodness I have a friend looking out for shots for me. I am not the biggest fan of how this turned out, but hey, it is something.

46/365 – Watercolors

I pulled out the water colors to use on the handmade “idea book” that I have to do for my Art in Elementary Schools class. It is really a nice break from the oil paint that I am using in studio, so much easier and more simple. I really need to get a white cloth or poster or something to cover the table I usually shoot on. I laid down 4 sheets of card stock for this shot, but it is just a pain and really limits me. I do have a few more that I think I may like, so I may post those at some point in the near future.

45/365 – Rainy Days

I had a tough time choosing between the two photos here for my picture today. I settled on the first one mainly because it fit my mood more. I had a pretty terrible critique in my painting class, along with a million other things running through my head, and even more on my to do list, so this evening has just been fairly miserable. Which has been made worse by the gray rainy weather today. But, I am listening to some Chris Rice “My Prayer” right now among other songs, so hopefully I can realize how silly I am being in the grand scheme of things, and that I have someone who loves me more than I could ever understand.

44/365 – Round

Kind of a lame shot, I know. I got home from studio tonight exhausted because it was around 90 degrees in there. I had some Hershey kisses and they were liquid in about 10 minutes. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops, and still sweating. It was miserable, and left me absolutely no inspiration for a shot today. I was about to give up and use an old shot, but decided to mess around with the glass in front of me instead.

On a side note, I just updated my computer with Snow Leopard, and can no longer properly view my raw photos in preview, iphoto, or quicklook. Anyone know what is going on with that?

43/365 – Alleyway

I left studio tonight at about 8:30 PM finally. It was so incredibly hot in studio, and so it felt beyond wonderful outside (it was still about 42 degrees when I left). I didn’t even want to be in my car I was so hot (I was wearing pants and a t-shirt even). This is right outside my studio building, you have to drive down here and around in order to get out onto the main road. I have always wanted to take a picture here and so as I was driving down I figured tonight would be a good night for it especially since I wanted to be outside so badly. I unfortunately left my tripod at my house, and so most were blurry, but this one I had set on the hood of my car and got lucky with the framing and such.