First Ceramics Project

For our first ceramics project this semester (yes, we are finally just finishing it up despite the fact that the semester is almost over and we have done 2 other projects already) we made 4 different pieces to learn the basic building techniques.

This was built using slabs. It was my favorite piece, but the glaze didn’t turn out very well.

This was built using the coil building technique. I hated it with a passion, and hate this piece as a result. It is nothing like I had designed. And just looks terrible, but I thought I would still through it up here for people to see (I have no clue why though…).

81/365 – Repetition

Well I started work today. I have worked for the same place for 3 years now. We mail out surveys about Medicaid and such, and have to put mailing address labels on everything and stuff the envelopes and all of that fun stuff. We recently moved locations, and so we have to put the correct address on the return envelopes. So, so much fun.

80/365 – Deserted

I had entered into a photo contest at school, and the reception was tonight. I went, and it was the biggest waste of my time ever. They didn’t even have my picture hanging (they did have everyone else’s though). So I was walking out and stopped to take some pictures in the deserted food court.

79/365 – Pour

This was from Saturday night (it was after midnight, so I am counting it as Sunday’s picture). Me and Elliot were sitting down to watch a movie, and he decided to have some bourbon and coke. He poured the bourbon, and him being the excellent boyfriend that he is told me to get my camera and take some pictures, and then started to pour the coke in. I never would have thought to shoot this, thank goodness I have him around.

12/52 – Feelin Blue

My Kentucky Wildcats lost tonight. For those of you who follow NCAA March Madness you know what I am talking about. I (along with most of Lexington) am in a state of shock and sadness. It is so so sad. I painting my nails blue during the game (unfortunately not quite UK blue) and loved how they looked so I messed around with some self portraits. Luckily Elliot’s brother was kind enough to give me a table-cloth from his wedding so I now have a backdrop.

11/52 – Untitled

I took this at the wedding the past weekend, and have been meaning to upload it for a while. I wasn’t thinking and completely forgot to bring my tripod or wireless remote, so it made this shoot pretty difficult. And I forgot to put my wider lens on, so these shots didn’t turn out as well as I had in my mind. Oh well. I am so so stuck on a title, so please, suggestions are much appreciated.

77/365 – Trim

This is why I love growing grass. I get to cut it and feel productive for a few minutes and feel like I have something new in my house. Plus it just feels cool (yes, I am a strange person). I am hoping to make a stop motion of the pictures I took from this, which I am so so excited about! So keep your eyes out for that (hopefully tonight even).