I had the itch for a self-portrait for quite a few weeks, and finally had a chance yesterday to do one that I had sketched out a while ago.

For the most part it turned out how I had wanted it to. I do wish that there was more glass on my face, but it just kept sliding off. I plan on doing a sequel of sorts, and have figured out a way that should get the glass to stick, so hopefully I can get to that in the near future.

I am really drawn to the one with the eyes closed, but have heard from many that the prefer the opposite. So I am curious to hear, which one do you here on my blog prefer? I would love to hear some feedback!

45/365 – Wasting My Time

I thought of this one sleepless night a while back, title and all. I had been trying to get together with my friend Susannah for ages so that she could do hair and makeup for me, but we both have been extremely busy. Our schedules finally worked tonight, and so I went over to her house, and she went to town on my hair and then snapped the shutter for me. My hair was (well, is) so big that it got squished while getting into my car. The editing process for this image was almost absurd. It took close to three hours, and went through maybe six different versions before settling on this one.

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19/365 – Untitled

Goodness this burned my eyes. I am still finding clumps of mascara on my eyeball, hours later.

Sometimes, I feel like the watermark just doesn’t belong on certain images. I left it off this one on purpose because I felt like it destroyed the clean simplicity, and was just a distraction from the emotion I was trying to convey.

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345/365 – Frost Queen

Meet the wonderful Kathryn! When I lived in Minnesota Kathryn was always my model, and we did quite a lot with her. It had been a long long time since we had been able to do a shoot together, and so I knew I wanted to do something over break. I got home yesterday, and she heads out tomorrow, so today was our only chance to see each other. I had in idea in mind for what I wanted to do, unfortunately we ended up chatting for so long we lost all natural light. Luckily she has a pretty bright light on her back porch, so we used that for our shoot. I did her makeup (which is why it isn’t all that great, haha), and she was brave enough to be willing to stand outside in the snow in just a tank top. I may upload a few more later on, but for now, enjoy!

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{I forgot to add my logo, and then decided to change some of the tones, so I have re-uploaded the photograph}